So this is my first post EVER! That is technically not true, but it’s a new year so it’s a new me! Lots of things have changed, the biggest thing is the direction of my life. I currently am a student at NGU and I am a theater design major and I LOVE IT, but it’s not what I want to do with my life.. I thought that I could possibly use the knowledge that I learned from the costume shop to become a fashion designer, but I have since learned that’s not really an option. Since having this crucial discovery I have looked into transferring to a college who will support my dream and love of fashion. Liberty is where I am looking at going, and going from NGU to LU will be a huge life change for me. I will be living out of state I will be in a huge school and I will be doing what I love :). Even though this change won’t be happening till fall I know I need to start getting ready transferring is not a easy process and one I need to get a jump on..
Another big change is my big, awesome, crazy sister will be getting married in July :o! I am so happy and excited for her but it also makes me super sad!! This past Christmas we just ended a bunch of family traditions we shared, and I wish I had savored the moment a little bit longer than I did. I pretend like I can’t wait for her to be married, but truth is I am going to miss her so much. She is my best friend, my biggest supporter and no matter what she is always there. The guy she is marrying is an awesome guy, and I know he knows how lucky he is to get her so it truly is bitter sweet 😦 :). The wedding I know will be perfect as my sister is major OCD. I can’t wait to stand by her side and watch her start a new exciting part of her life!
I really am excited to see what 2014 holds. Changing colleges, and my sister getting married it’s not going to be a dull year! Well for right now that is all I have to say 🙂

Love you lots

me and my sister (MY best friend!)

me and my sister (MY best friend!)


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