It is amazing how things can change so quickly.  Things you thought were set in stone suddenly crumble, and your left to pick up the pieces. Confused, and hurt we lash out at all the things that are around us and, would do anything for an explanation as to why. Everything reminds you of the pain your feeling and the bombs come from out of no where leaving you dazed and confused… Nothing is the way it should be and you wonder if there really is a God, and what is he doing.. You know deep down that it is somehow for the best, but your heart is blinded by the pain it’s feeling. You aren’t the only one hurt either, no there is an aftermath that follows, along with rage, and bitterness that sink in. Not succumbing to the emotions is hard especially when it is what the heart wants and needs. Closure is your hearts desire, but the knowledge that you won’t get it hurts even more. I am not the victim, I am a angry by stander watching injustice occur, and knowing I am helpless. Angry, bitter, in shock and hurt, and I am not the victim. I have seen the victim, they are going through hell, and I can do nothing but love them and tell them it will work out. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
― Dr. Seuss This quote seems like the impossible, but I am praying someday it will become possible.


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