Liebster Award?!

             When I first saw that I had been nominated for an award i was like WHAAT? After doing some digging as to what the award is I can’t say how excited I am, being new to the whole blogging thing I jump for joy every time I get a follower so needless to say I was leaping for joy! First off I want to thank for nominating me 🙂 and second I’d like to post the rules that go along with this lovely award. The liebster award can only be given to those followers with 200 or less followers ( i have 20 so I defiantly qualified). If you receive this award you must post 11 facts about yourself, answer 11 questions, and pick 11 nominees, and also ask 11 questions.


 you have to let the nominees know they have been nominated 

The questions given to me were:

1.  Makeup or fashion?

Thats a tough one I love them both! I would have to say its a dead tie because they both hold special places in my heart. 

2.  If you could travel in time, when would you go?

Back to the fifties, I would love to me Audrey Hepburn.

3.  Pearls or diamonds?

Diamonds they are a girls best friend 

4.  Who’s your favorite person in the entire world?

My sister she always has my back 

5.  Favorite lipstick?

That a tough one, but if i had to guess, it would be my BarryM from London.

6.  Favorite movie?

I don’t really have one but in my top ten Wizard of Oz is def one of them.

7.  Is the glass half empty or half full?

It’s half full there is always a bright side.

8.  What do you do in your free time?

Netflix I love netflix.

9.  Favorite beverage?


10.  Do you have any tattoos and / or piercings?


11.  Do you remember your dreams?

Depends on how crazy they are

11 Facts 
1.  I am a freshman in college
2. I love Audrey Hepburn
3. I want to live in London!!
4. I call my best friend Chummy, and we want to be youtube famous!
5. My makeup collection is constantly growing as is my love for it.
6. I am obsessed with hello kitty
7. I secretly am a hopeless romantic at heart
8. I am currently avoiding studying 
9. I love New York
10. Big Bang Theory is my show!
11. I have a pan am bag and i adore it!

My Nominees

My 11 Questions are:

1. Favorite t.v show?

2. Android or Iphone?

3. Where do you most want to travel to?

4. Fave fashion piece?

5. New York or London? 

6. Tea or Coffee?

7. Audrey or Marylyn?

8. Fave celeb?

9. Are you addicted to buzz feed quizzes? 

10. Fave color?

11. Fave book? 

Also on the question explain why..

So I think I got it all 🙂 enjoy..


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