Ulta quad review

So one of my favorite deals at ulta, is when they are giving their makeup bags away full of goodies. I literally go to ulta the day I see this promo and buy a bag right away! I have about 8 of the quads and until recently have not really used them all that much, but while at Disney this quad and I had some serious one on one time. The quad I was using was the Neutral Eyeshadow Quad

This quad is GREAT for travel, not only is super travel friendly, but it’s also a great palette with some awesome neutrals. The pay off on the colors are great, and the other thing I love about the quad is that all the eyeshadows are named so that if absolutely love one more than the others you can buy that eyeshadow in the store separately if you would want to. The Four shadows that make up this Quad are Bone, Truffle, Ice Queen and Gunmetal. Personally I am a huge fan of bone its an amazing highlighting shade! Gunmetal also deserves special mention because it is so pigmented! To be honest with these shades you really can’t go wrong they are amazing on their own or combined. This quad has made my days easier having these awesome basics all in one place, whether you want a day or night look this quad has the ability to do both, and even though I love to bring all my make up with me when I travel, I know that having this quad and the essentials I would be okay. 

Price point, I am not sure if you can get the quads without purchasing the bag, but I know the shadows separately run from $6.00-$8.00 which is in my opinion totally worth it. I had to recommend one above the others it would defiantly be bone, it’s a good highlight/base shade and  its well pigmented.



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