“That’s the thi…

“That’s the thing about pain it demands to be felt…” – John Green

Harsh, words, but so true. I like the rest of the world fell IN LOVE with HAZEL GRACE and AUGUSTUS WATERs, and Their crEator JoHn GREEn ( Who letS be real Seems so DoWn to earth). I love HONESTY, and this bOOk is honESTY in its purest Form. It shows you what life is like, NO sugar coding, no blinds, its real its tangible. This BOOk hurTs and it demands that You feel PaIN. It demands that yOu see the world for what it truLy IS PaiN. There ARE those Who desire nothiNG more than to BE NUMB and IGnoRE  The pain THAT they have in theRE life, UsinG anY Distraction as an excuse, BUT no matter how far they run in the end the paiN alwAYS comes BACK.Becuase Pain DEMANDS to be FeLt.. I gueSS Thats why I love HAZEL and Augustus. I know THEY don’t EXist, I know their not real, but they represent real PeOPle, People who wake up and face Pain, instead of RuN and HiDE they StaRE it down and accEPT. I love That Augustus wants to die a hero, because he does, He and Hazel are heroes for facing the pain, instead of running like so many do. No he didn’t valiantly save lives, but he had the courage to what most people can’t and that’s face pain. Were alwayS trying to mask the hurt, sugar code it, numb it. HAZEL and AUgstus knew the truth and faced the facts head on. This book makes you uncomfortable because it shows you what your running from,it also shows you how to face it. I know that they don’t exist and that this will probably never GET READ, bUT then again, you never. Know. I have not had my life altered and i still can be a jerk with  a cynics point of view, but this book taught me to stop running and for that JOHN GREEN you are my hero.