Monthly Favorites

So, I could spend all night blabbering on about how much a I j’adore makeup but I’m not I just want to give spotlight to a couple of products that deserve an honorable mention. These products I have been using for the entire month of October and well into November. So here it goes…I will try to be as in depth as possible complete with pictures and swatches and all the fun stuff that goes with make-up.
The first product that I have fallen head over heels for is the Color Correcting Foundation & Primer. I got it in Nude Beige and I got to say I am loving this product. The coverage is amazing! It has spread up my morning make up routine tremendously. When I first saw this I was pretty skeptical considering it looked like facial sunscreen. I am so glad I decided to give this a try. It goes on smooth is easy to buff in. I honestly have no complaints about this product. At Ulta it is priced around 12.50 and I think that, its very reasonably priced. If you are looking for something that is liquid foundation, but not liquid then this is the product for you. I would recommend this product especially if your in a hurry. I know that other lines have come out with product similar to this, and i am eager to try those as well, but this one have definitely become my favorite foundation.


Another monthly Favorite that I have come to love! is Rimmel Kate Lipstick in the shade 11. I have owned this shade for I would say over a year now and I have to say I love it! Its a very fally type color (yes I know that isn’t a word). Its very rich and I have a small obsession with red lipstick, and this one is my go to for all my reds. On a scale of red its deeper, but that ok because that what I love about it its not your typical fire engine red lipstick. The pigmentation of this lipstick is off the charts its so rich and creamy, I love it. Its also very wearable, especially in the fall it just kind of falls in what you would expect to see in the fall. Usually when I wear this color I tend to blot and layer it up, but if your in a hurry one coat will work. I got to say this line for make up  I love I have a total of three and there all amazing. The price point is awesome there around 5.99 which for a lip product is amazing. If your looking for a very fall type color that can transition into winter. I would definitely recommend this product.

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There will be more to come I just honestly don’t have the time at the moment to put them all in here so look for part two!!


Shower Epiphanies

I love my shower time ( I know I know your thinking wow this already starting off weird but stay with me) I like to cut loose and dance, or just be alone with my thoughts(another scary thought) So I’m watching the voice and then I’m in the shower thinking how awesome it is that those kids/ adults are chasing their dreams. I recently started to chase my own dream only to become very disillusioned in the end. All my life I wanted to be a fashion designer from the time I was three to now its been all I have ever wanted to do. Well here I am I get the guts to chase that dream, I transfer collages change majors uproot my life just to realize how wrong I was. This led to be being angry, depressed, and very bitter (go back and read some other posts). So I as I am thinking how mislead I was in chasing this pipe dream it occurs to me that my style( or lack thereof) is all costume, I love to dress a part. I go full out in whatever I feel the clothes saying I don’t really follow normal style guide lines. My previous major I felt at home I felt like I fit in and that I did not stick out like an elephant amongst a million giraffes. Its been a long journey to get here to finally feel like I have some direction, because for a while I was lost in the desert. So here is something that kind of made me realize how much I truly love costume design (please ignore the inconsistencies and disproportions)

Belle in the 1920s again please ignore my poor drawing skills

Belle in the 1920s again please ignore my poor drawing skills


Still feel like writing.. I just want to say thanks to everyone who reads this or follows me it means a lot..
This year has been a rough one, especially with friends. I have lost some people who I will always cherish in my heart and gained some amazing people along the way. One friend and I in particular had a temporary falling out. She pointed out to me that I was not being the best friend I could have been part of me wanted to drop the friendship and say good riddance, but I am so glad that I didn’t because not only this girl still one of my closest friends but she also has helped get through this year in one piece honestly I don’t know what I would do without her. This semester has also made me rethink some friendships that I honestly thought were unquestionable and its shaken me, more than I like to admit. One friend in particular I have felt just hasn’t been there for me, and honestly it hurts, Im the kind of person that whatever you need im there no matter what. I thought based what I had observed they were the same, but it seem that is not the case or maybe Im just not good enough. I have observed them drop everything for others in the past so I’m left with the question why not me? I have been questioning my self worth a lot lately, wondering if people really think I’m worth the time,or if im honestly good at anything. I question am I good enough daughter because it feels like my sister is always just going to be better, her shadow not even attainable. It sometimes seems to me that I am not based on other around me. I started to cry as I was writing this because I’m honestly being transparent as possible something that I don’t do ever. I have a lot of walls and this is the only place I feel that I can put them down. And I can still barely do it. Let me know what ya think be honest….

When life hands you lemons…..

It’s finally November and I can’t explain my joy that Thanksgiving is on its way. When life gives you lemons they say to make lemonade, but have you ever tried to make real lemonade, IT’s hard, it takes effort determination, and will power. That phrase today gets tossed around all the time, I don’t think that anyone nowadays realizes that that saying means you have to actually work to turn the situation upside down. I recently have had to realize that myself. I have recently become disillusioned, and I now have to figure what direction I want to go in. Its a bitter sweet realization that My childhood dream no longer exists and new dream is beginning to take hold. I have no clue where this path is leading me, but a path is a path and I’m excited to see where it leads. It would be nice if munchkins or Glinda would appear telling me which road to take but I’m on my own and I’m learning thats okay. It’s high time I learned to stand on my own two feet, and even though I’m not fan of being clueless of what the future holds I know I can survive. If thats all learned from this semester it will be enough. I guess that all got for right now..