When life hands you lemons…..

It’s finally November and I can’t explain my joy that Thanksgiving is on its way. When life gives you lemons they say to make lemonade, but have you ever tried to make real lemonade, IT’s hard, it takes effort determination, and will power. That phrase today gets tossed around all the time, I don’t think that anyone nowadays realizes that that saying means you have to actually work to turn the situation upside down. I recently have had to realize that myself. I have recently become disillusioned, and I now have to figure what direction I want to go in. Its a bitter sweet realization that My childhood dream no longer exists and new dream is beginning to take hold. I have no clue where this path is leading me, but a path is a path and I’m excited to see where it leads. It would be nice if munchkins or Glinda would appear telling me which road to take but I’m on my own and I’m learning thats okay. It’s high time I learned to stand on my own two feet, and even though I’m not fan of being clueless of what the future holds I know I can survive. If thats all learned from this semester it will be enough. I guess that all got for right now..


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