Is There

Is there something wrong with me? Sometimes I wonder, I pretend to be a loner to love spending hours alone in my room truth is I hate it! Here’s the even sadder truth, I have no relationship with my father, we sit in awkward silence when together, crazy he can have full on conversations with my siblings but not me, any close friend i have ever had I have somehow lost. God and I’m alone at night and I wonder is there something wrong with me? I wish I knew, there are days where I feel like the only person I have in the world in my mom, and that just sounds so depressing and pathetic. Ya know its like god why even make me if im just gonna be alone for forever. I’m bitter and angry. Since no one I know reads this BETH I’m so pissed at you! I tell you that hey you hurt me and what do you do say your sorry, and act like its all better, don’t do anything to change. Crappy friend goes to you congrats. I don’t know whats wrong with me I wish I knew.


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