Christmas Time

“Let every steeple ring a bell with a joyful tale to tell, In the week that Christmas comes.”
-Eleanor Farjeon
-Christmas is my favorite time of year and my favorite holiday. It is a time when we slow down, take breaks, and see family. It is a time of joy and remembrance. Movies like the grinch and Christmas Carol remind us that presents and materialism is not the reason for the season, but giving and bringing other joy. Our minds our brought to the ultimate gift when Christ sent his one and only son to be born, not in a palace but in a manger because there was no room in the inn. I think thats what gets me the most that the savior of the world, was born in a barn. We complain about the gifts we are or are not getting or how lines are too long or how someone didn’t say the politically correct term. When in reality none of that matters. Its so easy to fall into the commercialism trap that the stores set up, when really the best gift has already been given. So this Christmas take time to think about all you blessing, your family and friends, and be thankful for what you have because there are those who have so little and yet they are so much more content than we Americans. I know I struggle with it too. It’s so hard not to want the next new thing, but then I think about my friends in Haiti who really don’t know where there food is coming from and yet they were so joyful. My rant/ post is over I’m going to post some Christmas quotes. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and remember that Christmas isn’t about getting its about giving.


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