Mask Off

I love to write, I buy tons of journals excited because they all begin blank, then I slowly fill the pages with random thoughts, musings and babbles. I write because sometimes I can’t talk to anyone else. Fear of judgement or just being left.. That happens a lot.. I have made so many dumb choices in my life, and sometimes I am so proud of my stupidity and other times it brings tears to my eyes. I am a storm with highs and lows, and the world suffers at my wrath. Maybe thats why I have gained and lost so many friends. Maybe thats why the one person who successfully ran with my heart threw it at my feet. My poor battered heart that I have no one to blame but myself. I know that these words will fall to strangers and thats how I like it. I battle depression a lot thoughts of why do I exist cross my mind and sometimes I cry for no reason other than that I hate my life and what it has become. I want to run so far that I can’t even find myself. I want to be someone who I once was, or the girl I should be. I feel trapped I hide in my room and wish I could do something have someone to lean on. I with my harsh tongue, and sturdy walls have pushed everyone away… There are those who would have me, but I will not have them. Does that make me the cause of my own suffering? Maybe so, but even still they are bad for me and I for them I have come to realize I am poison, maybe for all who know me, or maybe just for them I know not, but either way, I run. I put on a smile, and then it fades. I fake happy to please the world. I have hurt people, and that pains me. I have hurt myself I deserve it…


“That’s the thi…

“That’s the thing about pain it demands to be felt…” – John Green

Harsh, words, but so true. I like the rest of the world fell IN LOVE with HAZEL GRACE and AUGUSTUS WATERs, and Their crEator JoHn GREEn ( Who letS be real Seems so DoWn to earth). I love HONESTY, and this bOOk is honESTY in its purest Form. It shows you what life is like, NO sugar coding, no blinds, its real its tangible. This BOOk hurTs and it demands that You feel PaIN. It demands that yOu see the world for what it truLy IS PaiN. There ARE those Who desire nothiNG more than to BE NUMB and IGnoRE  The pain THAT they have in theRE life, UsinG anY Distraction as an excuse, BUT no matter how far they run in the end the paiN alwAYS comes BACK.Becuase Pain DEMANDS to be FeLt.. I gueSS Thats why I love HAZEL and Augustus. I know THEY don’t EXist, I know their not real, but they represent real PeOPle, People who wake up and face Pain, instead of RuN and HiDE they StaRE it down and accEPT. I love That Augustus wants to die a hero, because he does, He and Hazel are heroes for facing the pain, instead of running like so many do. No he didn’t valiantly save lives, but he had the courage to what most people can’t and that’s face pain. Were alwayS trying to mask the hurt, sugar code it, numb it. HAZEL and AUgstus knew the truth and faced the facts head on. This book makes you uncomfortable because it shows you what your running from,it also shows you how to face it. I know that they don’t exist and that this will probably never GET READ, bUT then again, you never. Know. I have not had my life altered and i still can be a jerk with  a cynics point of view, but this book taught me to stop running and for that JOHN GREEN you are my hero.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award!!!!!!!


It never ceases to amaze me, when i am feeling completely alone something like this happens. What you might be asking happened? well I would love to share that with you! The Amazing, has nominated me, for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, to which i can’t thank her enough! If you haven’t checked out her blog you defiantly should because its amazing, all of her reviews are spot on and I love reading her posts, as I am sure you all will too. So thank you so much for the nomination it means the world! 


  1. Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you
  2. List the rules and display the award
  3. Share seven facts about yourself
  4.  Nominate fifteen other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated
  5. Optional: Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you

7 Facts….

  1. I am finally a sophomore, lol and finally done with my first year of college, and have changed my major from theater to fashion merchandising as well as changed schools 😮
  2. I live the great state of SC and I southern and proud, which I mean comes with the territory when you think about it.
  3. I am a huge fan of doctor who and really any BBC television show, they are what I binge watch on Netflix..(If you haven’t watched doctor who you totally should it will change your life.)
  4. I am a Christian, and no that doesn’t mean I am perfect in fact I struggle daily, but its a growing process and I find I am constantly growing.
  5. I love to read, John Green is my current favorite author, but I will read just about anything, so tell what some good reads are I am always looking for new books!
  6. I hate talking about myself I find it insanely nerve racking, and I am super self conscious, and shy.
  7. I love Disney, a secret dream is to work there and become a princess.

And the Nominees are?…

    I love her posts there freaking awesome! I love her style, and I really love her posts, they truly are inspirational, so if you have not checked her out do so because you won’t regret it.
    basically I just really like her blog, her posts are awesome, and super informative, if you love beauty i would highly recommend checking this blog out. 
    This is not a beauty blog, but I love seeing the pictures that are constantly being posted, they are beautiful. I love photography, so this blog is one of my faves, I promise you won’t be disappointed.
    I am a huge fan of this blog I love her style and her posts are awesome, seriously give this a look.

Unfortunaly thats all i have time for as I have a job which is “far from the home I love” (Fiddler reference) but seriously give the blogs I mentioned a look!!! you won’t regret it! 

Another shout out to thanks for the nomination you seriously are the sweetest thing! 

Wonder Woman

So Yesterday I was feeling a little adventurous with my makeup and came up with this look, it was inspired by my t-shirt so heres a look at what i did.


I used the elf ultimate eye shadow palette, the wear was okay but i really like how it turned out let me know what you think!


Ulta quad review

So one of my favorite deals at ulta, is when they are giving their makeup bags away full of goodies. I literally go to ulta the day I see this promo and buy a bag right away! I have about 8 of the quads and until recently have not really used them all that much, but while at Disney this quad and I had some serious one on one time. The quad I was using was the Neutral Eyeshadow Quad

This quad is GREAT for travel, not only is super travel friendly, but it’s also a great palette with some awesome neutrals. The pay off on the colors are great, and the other thing I love about the quad is that all the eyeshadows are named so that if absolutely love one more than the others you can buy that eyeshadow in the store separately if you would want to. The Four shadows that make up this Quad are Bone, Truffle, Ice Queen and Gunmetal. Personally I am a huge fan of bone its an amazing highlighting shade! Gunmetal also deserves special mention because it is so pigmented! To be honest with these shades you really can’t go wrong they are amazing on their own or combined. This quad has made my days easier having these awesome basics all in one place, whether you want a day or night look this quad has the ability to do both, and even though I love to bring all my make up with me when I travel, I know that having this quad and the essentials I would be okay. 

Price point, I am not sure if you can get the quads without purchasing the bag, but I know the shadows separately run from $6.00-$8.00 which is in my opinion totally worth it. I had to recommend one above the others it would defiantly be bone, it’s a good highlight/base shade and  its well pigmented.




So it has been quite some time since my last post, but I figured since I am on vacation, I could take a few moments to write. Firstly I have now finished my first year of college, I am now a sophomore! Secondly I am transferring to Liberty University so big changes ahead!! So many things have happened since my first post, that I am not sure where to begin. My sister no longer is getting married I no longer go to NGU. I have a summer job, Thank God! and things seem to be semi looking up. (minus the fact that I just spent a whole lot of money today {at Disney}) Which I will review and post later! Thats all I have for right now

Talk to you SOON!



      The school year is soon drawing to a close mid-terms are right around the corner, and things are becoming hectic, and scary. Change for me is right around the corner, and change for my sister that she thought was coming has suddenly morphed into something totally new and equally scary. It’s easy to see the fears, slowly turning into your biggest enemy, but you know in the end to overcome it you have to face it. Doing this alone doesn’t sound easy or fun, but that’s the best part you don’t have too! There is a person who is willing to go into battle with you every day.


Isaiah 12:2 says Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid. The Lord, the Lord, is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation.

There is something so comforting about this verse. Part of it, is knowing that we are saved and that is the most secure feeling in the whole world, but there is something else, I mean if you have the Lord as your strength then who can defeat you? David took out the mightiest giant ever! Not because he was bigger or badder, but because the Lord was his strength.


Psalm 61: 2-4 From the ends of the earth, I cry to you for help when my heart is overwhelmed lead me to the towering rock of safety, for you are my safe refuge; a fortress where my enemies cannot reach me. Let me live forever in your sanctuary safe beneath the shelter of your wings.

I love the Psalms they are so beautiful, and so wise. It’s also so true. There is no safer place than God’s arms. He will always take care of you, he will never reject you no matter what you have done, in situations where you literally can’t carry the burden he carries your burden for you.


I know that trusting in something you can’t see is crazy, but it works. I have seen God do some pretty amazing things, things that I was not expecting, and it was just what I needed in order to get through the day. He cares, He is always there no matter what, when you feel alone, or stressed or like your not going to make it he is the ultimate encourager the best friend you could ever want, and he loves you no matter what you have done. So in the end trusting that kind of person isn’t so hard after all..

Rimmel London BB Cream 9 in 1

Rimmel London BB Cream 9 in 1

I have been using this BB cream since the beginning of the summer, and it is March 2014. Not only is it one of the best BB Creams I have used, but I am constantly grabbing for it. The coverage of this foundation is flawless, and it delivers all that it claims to. I have super sensitive skin so I have to be careful in what face products I use and again this one did not disappoint. If you are one the fence, about BB Creams or foundations in general, this is one I defiantly recommend! Also the price point is really great if your college kid on budget or just someone who hates paying 30 dollars for something they can easily get for cheaper. This BB cream sells for 5-7.00 depending on where you go. I got mine from k-mart, and it was around 6.00. This product is a lot of bang for your buck, and its quality and quantity that you get from this BB Cream

Liebster Award?!

             When I first saw that I had been nominated for an award i was like WHAAT? After doing some digging as to what the award is I can’t say how excited I am, being new to the whole blogging thing I jump for joy every time I get a follower so needless to say I was leaping for joy! First off I want to thank for nominating me 🙂 and second I’d like to post the rules that go along with this lovely award. The liebster award can only be given to those followers with 200 or less followers ( i have 20 so I defiantly qualified). If you receive this award you must post 11 facts about yourself, answer 11 questions, and pick 11 nominees, and also ask 11 questions.


 you have to let the nominees know they have been nominated 

The questions given to me were:

1.  Makeup or fashion?

Thats a tough one I love them both! I would have to say its a dead tie because they both hold special places in my heart. 

2.  If you could travel in time, when would you go?

Back to the fifties, I would love to me Audrey Hepburn.

3.  Pearls or diamonds?

Diamonds they are a girls best friend 

4.  Who’s your favorite person in the entire world?

My sister she always has my back 

5.  Favorite lipstick?

That a tough one, but if i had to guess, it would be my BarryM from London.

6.  Favorite movie?

I don’t really have one but in my top ten Wizard of Oz is def one of them.

7.  Is the glass half empty or half full?

It’s half full there is always a bright side.

8.  What do you do in your free time?

Netflix I love netflix.

9.  Favorite beverage?


10.  Do you have any tattoos and / or piercings?


11.  Do you remember your dreams?

Depends on how crazy they are

11 Facts 
1.  I am a freshman in college
2. I love Audrey Hepburn
3. I want to live in London!!
4. I call my best friend Chummy, and we want to be youtube famous!
5. My makeup collection is constantly growing as is my love for it.
6. I am obsessed with hello kitty
7. I secretly am a hopeless romantic at heart
8. I am currently avoiding studying 
9. I love New York
10. Big Bang Theory is my show!
11. I have a pan am bag and i adore it!

My Nominees

My 11 Questions are:

1. Favorite t.v show?

2. Android or Iphone?

3. Where do you most want to travel to?

4. Fave fashion piece?

5. New York or London? 

6. Tea or Coffee?

7. Audrey or Marylyn?

8. Fave celeb?

9. Are you addicted to buzz feed quizzes? 

10. Fave color?

11. Fave book? 

Also on the question explain why..

So I think I got it all 🙂 enjoy..

What truly is a girls Best Friend?

I will spend so many hours pouring over youtube videos, and blogs about makeup. I think makeup is one of the most beautiful things in the whole world next to shoes. I love every aspect of makeup from beauty to stage it never fails to amaze me. I think the thing I love most about makeup is its ability to transform. As a child who couldn’t wait to get her hands on the mystical magical stuff, I kept the addiction curbed, I usually bought products from the dollar tree or big lots. After many years of using the palette which I still have to this day I decided to venture out. That’s when I found my heaven, ULTA.. It was a magical place that a 14 year old could not afford. I had one bag that was full of nothing but ULTA products and I thought I was the stuff I had an actual name brand make up! Unfortunately I lost my beloved makeup bag and all of its treasured contents. Then I discovered E.L.F at target, and was floored at how cheap it was my mother had to drag me away from the display. It was good that I was unaware of online shopping at that time, because that was the next phase and that phase that I have never left. My room/dorm is over flowing with beauty products from hair to face, I can’t get enough.. In fact, I’m so head over heels for the stuff that I can’t stop buying it. It truly is a sickness. From NYX to Stila, my collection is truly eclectic. With the influence of Michelle Phan and other beauty guru’s, I have grown to appreciate everything about makeup artistry. At one time that is what I wanted to become a makeup guru, I still may do that someday, but I first want to get a handle on this whole blogging thing first. To conquer the world, it takes baby steps.. Rome wasn’t built in a day.